Sunday, 9 September 2012

I should be so lucky

It was our Gardening Club's Annual Show this weekend.   I won the best herb display last year.  I got a certificate but the £5 prize money  never found its way to me and I never said anything out of embarassment.   Didn't enter anything this time just mainly because we've been too busy, but next year we will.

Anyway, we had a good look round, bought some plants (including spider plants which the mogs are doing their utmost to eat), some onions and homemade blackcurrant jam.....  Had a cream tea.  Lovely.

The exhibits were quite good.  There were some carrots there which I swear were 6 feet long and some onions the size of melons.  Brussel sprout plants about 6 feet tall.  Amazing....but I am easily impressed.  lol

There was the usual tombola.  Lots of ok prizes, some naff ones but it was the wines that caught my eye.  lol    Lots of NICE wines to be won.   Yay.   So, Junior and I had a go, with a view to winning the aforementioned vinos for me and make up goodies for my dear daughter.  So, two quid lighter we gets our tickets (5 for a quid).  I muttered to the Tombola Lady that I never win anything on these things, but 'today I have that lucky feeling.' 

After opening them we ended up with one lucky ticket each!  Yay.  Daughter is happy.  Now for what prizes we get?  Excited.  Tombola Man takes our winning tickets up to the Prize Table and brings our winnings to us.  Yippee...

Junior won a travel size bottle of bubble bath...and I won a bottle, too..........of Tesco Everyday Value Tomato Ketchup! 


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