Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I have fallen into the trap...of blogging negativity. Lost my mojo.  I've noticed that a few bloggers are suffering the same.

We do tons of stuff but I don't seem to blog as much because my camera is pooped.  Need to post piccies.!!

Not for long, though, this slump!.  Give it a month or so and we will be back to normal.  Yay!

We have news, too.  Can't divulge just yet.   . 

And...I am going to get my iMac mended.  Can't be doing with plonky, slow pc.  Eeeew.  It is such hard work.  No offence to pc owners.  I just like my Mac more. 

Well, at the mo, I am surrounded by mogs who are preening and cleaning themselves, ready for a good night's kip (she hopes).  They have just had a chicken dinner.  That should keep them quiet for a good few hours.....she hopes, again.  lol   Plus.. the heating's been on for the first time in AGES!......  Hoping it will keep 'em quiet/knock 'em out.  lol.  One can hope.  Nothing worse than a mog or two 'playing' at 2 am..when your joints are so  jammed that you can't can't get out of bed quickly enough to 'shut 'em up' before they wake half the street up with their antics...eg. usually  loud and bangy (to me) hockey type games...favourite article being Junior's rose hair grip..which they always seem to find no matter where she 'hides' it.   or, failing that, with any rogue bottle tops/pen tops they may find.  Little tinkers.

Come 6am they are sparko!  Arghhh....

Nice neighbour gave us some apples.  Good old British ones..but we have no idea what 'breed' they are.   Her neighbour has trees that overhang into her garden.  They are never picked.  Just allowed to drop, which is such a criminal waste of food.  So, she picks the overhang lot and uses them.  I aim to make a few apple pies...most aimed for the freezer.  Apples are another food that has been hit by the manky weather.  Produce down by 20% in this country alone.  Expect not the pristine specimens in the supermarkets but the 'normal' type...with the odd blemish here and there.  No point chucking 'em out .  Waste not, etc.o)

Talking of no waste.  I found a website that reckons you can feed a family of 4 (parents and 2 teenage kids) for £100 a MONTH.  You need to menu plan.  Might be of use to people.  Times are hard so every bit helps.  It's called Cheap-family-recipes.  Google it and you should get it to come up.  Might be of help to you in these hard times.

Anyway, off to make Mexican Hot Chocolate.  It's from the Barefoot Contessa.  Easy to veganise.

Basically, melt some chopped chocolate into hot milk.  Add a pinch of cinammon, some vanilla extract and a pinch of cayenne pepper..  She uses a cinammon stick as a stirrer.    That should keep you warm at night for a bit:o)

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Mrs. Dixxxon said...

I've always wanted to try that Mexican hot chocolate! Seems easy enough! Thanks for sharing :)