Thursday, 24 September 2009

Grub and 3 legs

Vegetable Lasagne. Try it. It's luverly:o)

We sauteed a few onions, garlic. Added some chopped up celery, potatoes...pea sized...and carrots...and a can of chickpeas. Sploshed in some basil, parsley (a few ground up fennel seeds are nice in this) tomato puree, a couple tins of tomatoes. (I always use whole, plum toms...'cos i hate the hundreds of stalks you seem to end up with when you use chopped, tinned toms). Let this lot bubble away for 15 mins. Season. Layer up in a baking dish. Some of the sauce at the bottom, then lasagne....stops it sticking to the bottom. Layer it all up and top with a white, spicy sauce...we used a creamy gouda but you could obviously leave with out to veganise it. I always add plenty of freshly ground black pepper to this. Bake at 190c for 40 mins. The lasagne sheets were lovely and chewy:o) It made LOADS!!....enough for three meals:o)

Don't have a photo. Batteries conked out, again!!

We have got cat no 13 coming soon. A poor little 3 legged mog who has been living on the streets with her kittens - who have now mysteriously disappeared!! How can people not take the poor thing in when it's plainly starving and needing shelter? Anyway, I have my beady eye on a potential home for this little sweetie. Good job big bro doesn't read this blog!! lol

A friend of ours has taken some homeless kittens in on behalf of a pet charity. "No room at the Inn", sort of scenario at the pet rescue place so the homeless kitties get fostered, where possible, until homes are found for them. She's got over a dozen, plus her own cats!! 30 in total!! The other week some girls brought a little female to her. They had seen some boys (with IQs seemingly on par with the proverbial plank of wood) kicking it about, so they intervened and rescued it. It was yet another stray. You could see the trainer marks on the poor cat's head where the youths had booted her! She obviously needed painkillers. Poor thing. Anyway, she is recovering and is now a permanent member of the feline family (no 19) at friend's:o) Friend will not risk letting her go through anything like that again. So, lucky little cat has taken up residence in the loft bedroom:o) The house is spotless, by the way, even with all the pets.

Today, on the home ed front, we're attempting to build a radio! Should be interesting:o)

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Brad said...

You've got a heart as big as the ocean. Good thing I'm not closer or I to would have 30 cats. We take care of the ones that wander our way, but fortunatly we don't see a lot of abuse - if I live to be 100, I'll never understand how people can be so cruel.