Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Little Treasures

These are the little teapots from a recent jumble sale that we attended. Cute, aren't they?
This one is my favourite

But it was the colour of this one that drew me to them all

Little cottage

Go them all, plus more, for 50p! lol

Mother wanted this one

She got this plant pot (and lavender plant, which she's put somewhere else) for 50p!

I tried to do a copy of something on Grit's blog...see the post about Grit's twisted family.  My subject is alive and kicking..albeit a pain up the arse at times!!

All these books. 50p the lot! There are some wonderful, old sayings and rhymes in some of these.

The items of clothing bought for less than a quid...destined to be transformed into a couple of patchwork cushion covers by Junior:o)

We've been out and about in our new car. It's lovely to have 'freedom' again. Away from relying on expensive public transport. "Tis really different...going from a BIG jeep to a little automatic...bit like driving a dodgem!! lol But, has a sunroof and a crappy radio..but the tape player works. Junior was peeing her pants today, at my rendition of Ariel...of Dean Freidman fame. OK. I know nobody has heard of him as it was sooooo long ago, but I enjoyed myself:o)

Yesterday, Son no 2 vsited, with grandchild of Min:o) We spend a few hours at Mother's. Was nice to see them both. Little one is coming on leaps and bounds and is a bright little thing:o) Mother plied us with food, as per usual. Came back stuffed. Little one likes garlic sausage, new potatoes and quavers:)


The PerkyPig! said...

Love the teapots, very cute :)

Brad said...

It might occur to one that one doesn't really need 4 new teapots, but one should never mention it and risk offending - should one?


I've never been one to pass up a bargin!