Monday, 28 July 2008

Roll on Autumn

Cilla..smiling on here but finding it too hot today.

Good thing about Summer is that it is followed by time of the year by far:o)))

We watched the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice this with Colin Firth playing the Darcy bloke. Free disc from some Sunday red top. Big bro brought it us down the other week. Alas, we failed to note that the disc only had the first 3 episodes on it. Arghhhh!!!!! So, been trying the find the other three episodes online, but no success as of yet. Blast!! Junior was quite into it, too. We watched Alice in Wonderland, which was good and then Animal Farm. The latter made Junior quite sad, so we abandoned it. The books of all three I have never read. Fancy that!!

The older kittens (Olive's) will be 6 weeks old on Thursday. Don't know what they put in kitten food nowadays, but the little darlings are soooooo hyper it's untrue. They spend an hour or so racing around like loonies and then conk out for hours:o) Can't help but love them, though. So lovely. One in particular...Loo Loo (Junior's spelling of the name) is very sweet and always congregates around my feet. She's a "sit and ponder" type of cat, a black longhair, very gentle character, quite delicate - similar build to Olive, little miaow, big blue eyes and she's staying:o)) Junior has taken a fancy to ginger and white boy Bart. He's huge and they all are! And then Tinks..a multi coloured girl..brindle/tortie with beautiful markings. She's the runt and so is the tiny one but quietly tough. Then Regal Henry..another longhair but black and white. He crosses his paws when he lies down. He's a quiet lad, likes his sleep. Then....Ringo!!! Ringo is Ringo!!

Tip. Said it before, but If your cat has a litter, NEVER give the kittens names. Fatal!! It becomes more personal, so you'll never want to rehome 'em!!

Do I follow my own advice? Heck no!! Megan's lot are just over 3 weeks old, black and beeeeoooootiful, too:o). 1 boy, 4 girls...and all named! Now they're getting older, you can tell the subtle differences between the girlies. We have a couple of "sit and ponderers" in there, too! sigh... They are quieter than Olive's tribe were at that age and no trouble! lol They're starting to wander around a bit, looking and learning. Meg and Olive are such good mums...very protective. They share the childcare and are so diligent and caring. Makes your heart melt when you hear them trilling and chirruping at the little ones, investigating every little 'cry' with the utmost urgency.

Wonder if the "designer parrot" neighbours would notice if we had 15 cats? Other next doors have 12 rabbits and a dog! At least we'd be able to keep the local mouse population down, what..with all that straw bedding! lol

The pooches are out in the garden. 'Tis 11pm and they are REALLY enjoying the cool breeze:o)) Ten more minutes then it's bed for them. But, as they say, there's no rest for the wicked...... 11pm is party time in kitten land:o) lol

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