Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Great Big DC

Ah..bugger!   I am knee deep in crap.  Not THAT sort,   but crap nonetheless.

To start with, we seem to have enough cardboard boxes in this house to build a..'I'll huff and I'll puff' house.   We are in the process of decluttering.  Ack.....I hate doing this.  How do we end up with so much stuff?   And, just to add to the chaos,  Junior is clearing out her stuff, too which always ends up on the landing.  To her mind, as long as it's out of her room, that's ok...sigh...  The bagging/boxing it all up is not her job! 

You see, my main predicament is re all those unwanted/too small/too big clothes.  I'm terrible.  The upcycler in me sees their potential for transformation into something else.  Chop them up into squares.....quilts,    cut into strips....rag rugs, chop chop.....and there you might have something else as equally useful.  'Noooooo' says Junior.  'Get rid of it all NOW!'    So, I ignore her and chop away, saving  buttons, zips, embelishments, etc and just as I think I may be getting somewhere and reducing the pile, I spots an item of clothing that she wore at a certain place/time/etc and I go all glassy-eyed and warble at the memories..... and think to myself that I'll keep that one for the memories.  WRONG!  You see, before I can say 'charity shop/car boot sale', I have a 4 foot pile of memories in front of me...and nowhere to store it.   Sigh....  And, don't even get me started on the nik naks and junk aka stuff rescued from Mother's.....I love me stuff:o)  

Where to put it all, though?

I know!      Get another shed.  Yay!  My friend has one for just the same purpose.  To store stuff that she can't let go of but hasn't got room for in the house.  So, she has the best of both worlds...space (that she'll no doubt fill again) and 'custody' of her things with 'full access rights'.  Lol    

Shed No 5.   What d'ya think?      I can hear the 'Noooooooo' at this end already.  lol

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dawny said...

Hard isn't it , I've been freecycling our unwanted bits - there's always somebody wanting to adopt stuff :-) as to treasured bits if you find an answer let me know !!!