Wednesday, 6 February 2013


OK.  Been after doing this one for AGES.....

The DIY Vanilla Extract Experiment.

Ready made costs a BLIDDY FORTUNE!!  I REALLY hope this works.  Vanilla extract is a nice addition to baking.

So..wandered around Tescos tonight,  trying to spot the cheapest bottle of vodka...Tell you..hanging around the spirits aisle is hard work.  Why did I have a guilty conscience?  lol  All those beady eyes watching you as you peruse the prices.... Was wanting to tell folk 'It's not for me...just for the experiment'.  sigh

Well...chickened out... the prices were more than I was willing to dosh out for we ended up at our local 'Convenient but over-priced' local supermarket.  Well...£10.65 for a full bottle.  Obviously, lots of vodka heads live here!

So...tomorrow....vanilla pods will be split and plonked in the alcohol.

Only have a 6 month wait to see it it's successful. (3 months minimum, 6 months for the good stuff)

If I ever get to Ukraine, shall bring a few bottles back!  lol  Mum and Dad brought some back when they visited in 1991 and, I tell you....nothing compares.  It is SO beautifully smooth..nice..bestest stuff ever.

Don't drink it anymore, although it's very nice with in coca cola...  Too moorish.     French red wine nowadays,  pour moi.

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