Thursday, 7 February 2013

I know it's the right thing to do

Bought Junior a blummin top of the range laptop.  FOR HER EDUCATION.  Not for Crimble.

It is pink.  She likes pink......

I just happened to be ordering it on 't'internet' as she walked by.

'Ooooo...look at this'...says moi.   'Lovely colour'.

She informs me that she prefers the blue....after I'd pressed 'Send' and ordered the pink!!  Arghhhhhhh and bloody Bollocks!!

Well, no worries.  New laptop..up to the minute technology and all that.  Bound to impress.....?

Nope...No interest.  She prefers her phone for all the techy stuff.   Arggggggggghh x a million (don't know how to do the indices stuff on here).

So, we have come to an agreement.

She can have my tablet (sob) and I will have the laptop (blub).  She can peruse stuff without needing a magnifying glass...and can print stuff up via our new wireless printer that, I might add,  I connected up ALL BY MYSELF!  Woo hoo.  Not bad for an old git like me.

Seriously, tablets...way to go.  I watch (or used to) watch BBC iPlayer and all manner of things in bed, at night, in peace..all comfy and warm...mogs slumbering, comfy, happy on the bed..peace.....and then plop it down at the side of my bed.  Night night everyone.   NO SUCH THING WITH LAPTOP.    Too heavy to plop at side of bed..  Need to unplug,  so the 'Get out of comfy, warm bed' thing comes into play...then there's the 'put it somewhere safe that is mogproof' thing.  Sigh... Not good when brain is half asleep.     So....if anyone dares question my integrity regarding Junior's home edding...then...   Grrrrrrrrr.

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