Monday, 5 March 2012

All Trimmed

There's me thinking - dangerous, I know...that I could get some piccies up on this here blog....Hmmmmmmmmmmm...or...pfooooooooooooooooooooo.........

Ah, bollocks. Usless, beyond useless...batteries.....

One day I WILL get piccies up on this 'ere blog!!!

Today...spent most of it trying to clip down the privet hedge. Nice neighbour...who is 75...did most of the work. She is a star. Former professional horticulturalist. A real, real, mega star with an equally enormous heart.. Don't know where she gets her energy from. Gets up at 5am every day. She reckons life is too short.. Sparrow hawk killed her canary bird....fright did it. Told her that I am going to get her a rescue more canary birds. Get her a real, proper, pain up the arse chirrupy bird...... Sing all day type of thing. lol Apparently, 'Bird' only sang in the mornings..... Pah....Need to get some more vocals going, me thinks!!

Got another fright today.

Sons are visiting this clip the hedge that is now mostly clipped. Talk about bad timing. Anyway....Shall get them to do lots of chores.,........hahahahahahahaaha!

'tis very quiet at the mo. Junior is luxuriorating in a nice, hot bath. Clipping hedges obviously not her fave pastime. lol

Time for Chill out Time. Am going to listen to the Human League...........'I'm only human'. Might as well..... Been going on in my head ALL WEEK. Makes a change from 'Are we human or are we dancers? Blame it on RAdio 2. No idea who the group/singers are. When they 'reveal' I must switch off. Answers on a x


ann said...

loved the human league lol. so near to removing my kids from school...keepup the blogging !!!

Minnie said...

Thank you. I will! xx