Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Clamped Up Mouths

All action here.

Ever tried getting a worming tablet down an unreceptive cat? Imagine what it's like eleven f0ld!

Well, after about three hours of cajoling we managed to get seven of the mogs done, plus the dog. Yay!!

All I can say is that Henry, Bart, Tinks (above) and Spooky are in Junior's bad books. Fancy them not wanting to consume a foul-tasting drontal tablet. lol We tried all the usual....

*Talking to them nicely....doesn't work...

*Wrapping blanket around body to keep sharp claws at bay.....doesn't work...'cos the mogs always do a 'stiffy'.

*Bath mat around them....same result as blanket.

*Try to disguise tablet by crushing it and putting into contents of can of tuna....Nope.

*Grabbing scruff of neck and forcing orifice open long enough to get the darned tablet down the feline's throat. Nope. Amazing how far they can spit a tablet out. Even when you think 'Yes!! Mission accomplished'...out comes the bugger, missile mode, and lands six feet away.

Junior has retired for a 'rethink'. (having a nice relaxing bath!) lol

Me? I'll just go up to the chemist shop tomorrow and get one of those needle-less syringes and get the tablets down 'em that way.


NinnyNoodleNoo said...

It's an absolute nightmare to do! I have to admit I've still got some worming tablets in the cupboard that really need getting into actual cats, but it's not a job I enjoy in any way.

Minnie said...

No. It's the pits. I bought mnore tablets than I needed, 'cos I knew half would get exocet missile spat out. lol Get them down the mogs, though. I'm going to get a mate who works for a pet welfare centre to help out with the remaining four mogs.

Years ago...I once bought a jack russell dog. It turned out that the poor animal had been brought over from Ireland and she had worms galore!!! Infected my resident dog AND eldest kid with ringworm. You can tell....red circle on skin with a spot in the centre. You treat it with thrush cream...Canesten. Still. I got freaked out and rehomed the animal. We have antibacterial gel/soap EVERYWHERE in the house now...and teatree cream...and the things you can do with bleach!!! My cats don't go out, but you still have to be vigilant. Never know what you bring into the house via the soles of your shoes. It's not the animals' fault. We are just a race of dirty buggers.