Thursday, 16 February 2012


Had he lived, it would have been my Dad's 90th birthday today.

Been gone nearly 15 years.

Miss his naughty laugh....

I remember the time when he cooked some pasta. He was absolutely Starving Marvin. Anyway, my brother's parrot lived with us then. Cost lots of money. She was Starving Marvin, too. Loved pasta. She got sooooo excited at the sight of the cooked, nearly ready to eat stuff that she flapped her wings sooooooooooo hard..... Result. Pasta a la parrot. Yep....pasta with a topping of green feathers. Dad was reaaaaaallllly mad. If the bird had been ours I'm sure he would have strangled her there and then. As it was, she wasn't he couldn't....and so she tucked in, quite happily, to her spaghetti. Atta girl, Chirp. xx Miss her, too. xx

Happy Days, as they say.

Love you, Dad.xxxxx

Sorry if you got two of these. Wacom playing up.

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