Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Have been on 't'computer, ferreting much liked blogs....when....tickle is felt 'underfoot'.

Popeye...old faithful..and very quiet of late...was lazing under my desk and decided to nuzzle up to the old feet! Eeeeew!....but whatever does it for you is up to you, so to speak! Ah...bless him.

Mother is not well. So, we're off up the motorway tomorrow to see her. Very frustrating being miles and miles away.

Today we had a 'retro' meal. Was telling Junior of the 'cuisine' that was 'in' in my younger years. So, did her prawn cocktail, spag bog and black forest gateau. Stuff of my 70's. Tinks had my prawns:o).....and is now quietly snoozing ontop of the ghetto blaster, which is situated by the warm radiator in the lounge. Favourite perch.

I can hear Junior in her bedroom....not very happy. The Wii is beating her at some game.

Cats are warm and content.. Sparko around the house. The little buggers better not start partaying when I go to beddybyes. Sigh. The dog is conked out. Overdone it on the treats and sleeping it off.

Happy New Year to All. Peace. xxx


dawny said...

Happy New Year Min xx

NinnyNoodleNoo said...

Happy New Year to you all too :0)Hope your mother is better soon x