Friday, 26 June 2009

The Sound of Music

2nd post today, but........

I'm being tortured!!

It is my own fault......and Junior's!!

Just imagine......recorder lessons......and all that bloody practicing.  My brain is addled, so sod the spelling.

Eventually, we will get there...or she will.  The wee one doesn't give up!!!   Arghhh!!!!!

I just say "Watch me..D B B, C A A G A B C D D D......"

Even the normally attentive puddy tats have vacated the room for their sanity.....except for the deaf ones:O))))

And I never packed the ear plugs!!!

Who said home edding is a doddle!!!!?

EDIT......She's now expressed an interest in the drums.  Eeeeeeeeek!


Brad said...

Well hello you! - I've been very preocupied with moving in to our new offices and haven't blogged but once this month - We're moving in this weekend, in fact I'm in my new office now - so I'll get back on the stick as blogging goes, next week. So good to hear from you! I was thinking about you & the mogs the other day, wondering how you were. - I'll be back soon to catch up with you proper like.

dawny said...

lol my mum always used to make me play mine upstairs or out in the garden.

Anonymous said...

could be worse....

Minnie said...

Hi Brad..look at you...posh new office:o))) xx

Hi Dawny..poor you. lol

Hi Amanda..My brother has a piano accordian which Junior has been eyeing up lovingly!! She has, unfortunately, inherited her father's tone deafness and lack of rhythm, so do I imagine violin!! Noooooooo!!

dawny said...

hey Min I've put some tea cosy patterns on crafty blog for you ;-)

Minnie said...

Thanks Dawny:o) x

Elaine said...

New to your blog - loved reading it. You may find drums alot better! I think anyone (whether good or not) playing a descant recorder is enough to send another running! Sorry, it's just something about the pitch I think (and probably the screech too!!).

Minnie said...

Hi Elaine,

Yes, the screech. My music teacher used to spend ages teaching us to get the tone right:o)

I'm waiting for an unwanted drum kit to come up on freecycle. lol I've always fancied having a go myself. Imagine it must be great for stress relief!!

Love your blog, too. You're so organised!!