Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Ay!!  We are back in the land of t'internet!!!

Here am I, sipping red wine and munching on cherry lips (for those who think I have flipped, they're really hard gummy sweets, shaped like lips..hence name...taste and smell perfumey..memory from childhood.  Junior has taken a fancy to them so they are a favourite nibble for us both).

We are so excited to get back on line:o)  

Have missed loads.  Have  much to report.  Hope you are all ok, safe and well:o) xxxx

I've heard about the nasty badman stuff.   Our country is going to the dogs!!

Still got really bad arthriticy joints.  Some times it's so painful that I can't lift the quilt off me in a morning and I have invented a new walk!!  lol  Junior has been great.  Has even put my socks on for me in dire moments AND massaged Mummy's smelly feet.

The mogs are all here now.  Back from very nice friend's place but there's no place like home, is there?   Very happy but busting a gut to get out and about.   We're keeping them in at the mo...but they are doing a sterling job of trying to escape:o)  But, little birdies are outside with even littler birdies flapping wings and taking their first mogs have to make do with watching!! 

Our house is like a fairy house.  We have cherubs on ceilings, candelabra lights and odd colour combinations...all very 80's.  The garden is much the same and quite big.  Lots of ornamental grasses and the like.   Will put photos up when I can, including  some of grandchild of Min.  Ahhhh!!!     Junior is cultivating strawberries and tomatoes and doing her best to keep them away from the bird population.  Bless

Have to go.  Junior is busting a gut to get on line:o))  



Ruth said...

Welcome back. I missed you:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Minnie! Good to see you back :D x

Minnie said...

Ta. Is nice to be back:o)

Am somewhat worried about this review thingy. Will they EVER stop intefering?