Monday, 29 June 2009


'Tis hot here.

This weather does not suit us.....being of (probably) Siberian origin!!

Junior has kept herself in the coldest part of the house for most of the day.  I have not been able to tempt her out.  So,   I fell asleep in the garden room for half an hour (hottest place, obviously) and this seems to have had a good effect on the old joints!  We had to go to the shops this evening and I made it in record time:o)  Way!!!!      Junior, though, hates this hot stuff as it gives her headache.......  and she is now laid out on her bed with cold, wet flannel adorning her forehead  -  even after a cooling shower:o))  Salad for tea it is, then:o))

So, until then,  I sit here, feet in cold foot spa,  listening to the local bellringers, who are still  trying to get it right:o))

They are definitely improving:o))  lol

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