Monday, 10 December 2007

Boxes and Anniversaries

How much clobber do you reckon a mother could have to shift when she is moving to a new flat? Answer.....TOO MUCH!!!!! Arghhhhh!!

We've spent this last week or so trying to sort out Mum in her new flat. She is surrounded by boxes and getting a little more fed up as each day passes. Not because she is surrounded by boxes that reach up to her hooter, but because the boxes contain precious things and memories and she doesn't really want to let them go. Doesn't help the situation when one of my siblings told her she was moving rubbish!! I will slap the very minimalist him later as it was a really insensitive comment, as it's the anniversary week of Dad passing on. Still can't believe that he's gone. It would've been their 60th anniversary this year and you can see the pain in her face.

So, me and Junior have been hoiking trolley loads of stuff up to our house on a daily basis, so that Mum has room to toddle around in her flat. Her precious "bits" won't be car booted or charity shopped. They'll be here for her to look at until/if she's ready to let go...or if we can for that matter/

Sooooo, we are walking sideways here, to avoid colliding with additional furniture. lol Normal service might resume shortly!! We might even get some Crimble decorations up soon:O))..if we can find the room:O))

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ruth said...

Oh that is me in 30 years time. I can't part with anything. I even have the kids cards from when they were babies. Downsizing will never be an option for me.