Tuesday, 6 February 2007


So, Syd Rabbit...where do we start?

We are rabbit sitting Syd. He belongs to a family member who can't really have him at home in new rented house. So, he's ours now, I suppose. We had two others, George and Rocky (who are now both in rabbit heaven) - they sort of succumbed to the cold weather of the north. So Syd is molley coddled...up to a point. If we didn't have a psycho pooch in our flock, then he would be a darned excellent house rabbit...'cos he'd be quite a good guard!! Likes using his teeth and claws, you see!!!........ Instead of being grateful for the things in life, he just sinks his chompers into you! Intruders beware.

There's me thinking "Ooo, lovely little fluffy, grey lop-eared bunny, so cute!" WRONG! Syd comes from a different rabbit planet than George and Rocky. I have the X-Men's rabbit!

He has a super dooper indoor rabbit penthouse suite which he occupies inside the house in cold weather. He is unaware that he has a "body odour" problem, so we pray for good weather. When the piggy bank has enough pennies in it, Syd is going to Mr Veterinary Surgeon to have certain body parts removed, so this problem should then be sorted!!! Hee hee!! He could then have a girlfriend, which seems a bit ironic.

As he likes to stretch his legs a bit, i decided to stick him in the bathroom one night, out of the cold, so he could toddle about without fear of being munched by the psycho dog (or vice versa). What did he do...but chew me new lino. So, he's been evicted and is in his two-up two-down luxury hutch outside, again!!

Hobbies include chewing my new bathroom lino and anything expensive within chomping distance (Laura Ashley sofa) and lazing on the lounge rug watching tv!! IT'S TRUE! We have a couch potato rabbit.

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