Wednesday, 14 April 2010

You could eat yer dinner off that!!

I am not normal.

I hate housework.....especially ironing and washing the pots. Hoovering I'm not too bad on, although I do have a knack of knackering the machines!! lol Our current one, bless, is one of those bargain value Tesco cylinder buys...and is missing the end we basically have a machine with a sucking tube, if you get my meaning? And, beware where you point the end bit, 'cos many a thing has been whooshed up, never to be seen again. Then there's the accidentally sucking up bin liners (the usually full up rubbish ones) and the best bit...catching the end of your skirt! I've spent many an hour cursing at the machine whilst trying to regain ownership of my clothing!

Anyway, I have been reading a whole new realm of blogs. I get the impression that they all have nice, spanky clean houses...dust and fur free...So, I am on a mission to change my ways.

I hereby endeavour to do the pots each evening and leave a clean and sparkly-looking sink area.

Bugger!! Can't get out of it now. lol

Mr ex was ocd in the housing cleaning department. Judging by the amount of bleach he used, we must have kept some company going on the amounts we purchased the jif, posh washing powder and pink loo roll! Maybe I've rebelled? lol My niece is a neat freak. She is Mrs sentimental ornaments for her!! ....and she LOVES ironing! Eeek! I think she copped for all the family ironing genes. All ironing does for me is give me sore feet and a bad back while my mind wanders on to what I could be doing other than slide a piece of hot metal up and down a padded board.

I got the family genes for big boobs, so I suppose we're sort of even:o) -

So, I've purchased new kitchen sponges and dishclothes to tide me over until I knit my own cotton, eco-friendly ones that I can display on my new project.
Trouble is, our sink/drainer is not the shiny, shiny, see your reflection in it stainless steel type. Nooooo, we've copped for the cutting edge, designer white". A throwback from the Changing Rooms years:o)

How do I get and keep it Arctic White and save the world from bleach overdose? Sigh.....


Julia said...

I'm not a clean freak - far from it, but I have got a little morning routine which keeps me from cringing if visitors drop by unexpectantly.

And this is a no-iron household here I'm afraid, I hated it, so stopped doing it and no one has commented on our creases *grin*

Minnie said...

Hi Julia.

Creases are good! lol I only iron about once a blue moon. If you take the washing out of machine, shake it out really well, then put on a hanger I find it gets rid of most of the creases..and then, when dry, you just have to put clothes away in wardrobe:o) No folding:o) Bit of a bugger if you're short on wardrobe space, though. I like to see what clothing clobber I have, even though some of it is either a tad too small or big. N
I never throw my clobber out, so Junior should be ok for vintage clothing in years to come! lol