Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Junior trots into my bedroom.

I am taking advantage of the fact that dear old laptop is free to use:o:) Yay!! J has suddenly developed a close relationship with said laptop so this is, indeed, a rare opportunity for old mother here to get stuck in and see what's what in the world of t'net.

Anyway, back to Junior trotting into my bedroom......she must be the only child I know who has about three hundred writing, drawing, pen sets in her possession....somewhere in her room...if you get me? You name it, she has it. And pencil cases....crammed with goodies... Simpson cases, fairy ones, mog ones, etc.... Don't mention the pencil sets...you know..the ones with pencil, ruler, rubber and pencil sharpener...all in different designs and all usually costing a quid, or even free with some magazine......

Back in the bedroom...she looks at me fleetingly and then has the cheek to ask if she can borrow a pen.....she hasn't any of her own!! lol

Ay...the youth of today!!!

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