Saturday, 7 September 2013

It never stops

Love how Gill puts things across so eloquently.  

There has been a bit of aggro lately with some trying to take over the home ed world, thinking they know best and trying to speak for us all.  Not happening!  We are all different.  We all home ed in our own particular way.  Don't need ID cards to prove you home ed or to get into venues and you CERTAINLY should not be paying for them when you can print your own up for free!

You should be able to discuss freely, without (1) censorship or (2) threat.  It has happened and still is going on.  If you are being booted off a site just for asking questions that are relevant, then that site doesn't have home ed best interests at heart. imo.  Just its own.  Blocking or booting people off because you don't like the questions being asked just means that the picture painted is not exactly truthful.  Enter the naive newbies!  Like lambs to slaughter.  Can't be warned by the wise and experienced because of 1 and 2 above.  Don't allow these people to slowly eradicate our hard fought home ed rights.  Don't forget Badman and Balls!  The stuff of nightmares.

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