Monday, 12 August 2013


I know I'm talking to myself.  At least I have a record of what I say.  lol

It is late.  11.38pm.  Munchie time in our house.

The animals like to eat at this time.  We had the 'share a packet of ham' time earlier on.  All the mogs congregate for their bit.  Tinks, you can hear her 'nom nomming'.  Very funny.   Looloo and Popeye always turn up late!    I can hear Muppet aka Darth Vader slobberingly eating her peace.    Meg is munching on biscuits.  Spook is eating, too.  All well and happy.  Litters cleaned..      Wonder if little Darthy will leave me another little pressie tonight?

Today, I spent ages grooming our lot.  8 cats done.  3 and the dog left to do.  They all get  groomed weekly in this weather.  Amazing how much they moult.

Earlier on tonight, on my way up to the shops, I spotted a stray ginger and white.  I thought that when I come back, I would grab it and try and sort it out.  Couldn't find it.  I will try again tomorrow evening.  The poor thing looked awful.  Walking all wobbly.  I can't believe that such shit goes on in this day and age.  I have a neighbour/former friend who thinks that food banks aren't needed and those who use them are just scroungers and lazy buggers.  People on benefits are the scum of the earth, type of thing.   I despair at the lack of empathy of some people.  It's such an unattractive feature.  Ack... You know those cartoons where the characters jump up and down in frustration?  Well, that's me at the moment.

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