Sunday, 2 June 2013

Brock the Badger

Ooooo!    Am outraged at the badger cull.  Protected, they are supposed to be.

We are a hypocritical species....and very arrogant!  Deserve all we get!

Dr Brian May..respect. xx


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you're back. What's going on with the badgers? I'm in the middle of the USA and haven't heard what's happening.

S. Louise Jones

Minnie said...

The Know it All government has decided to go ahead with a badger cull in the south west, despite a great deal of opposition from the public and eminent experts, including Sir David Attenborough and the RSPCA and Dr Brian May (from the Queen band). They are culling, they say, to stop the spread of bovine tb. 70% will be shot and some of those will be pregnant or have young in their dens. They should keep the land clean and stop trying to make easy money at the expense of the wildlife and cattle. There is a vaccine. And, to top it all, the government wants us to grow gmo crops, even though most of Europe has banned or burned the crops. There's a 1000+ petitionn signed by scientist, etc against gmos and they still ignore it. The 2 million people march against Monsanto that took place a couple of weeks ago across the globe was mainly blacked out by the media. It's wrong that people are being kept in the dark about this stuff, just so some global companies can make dosh and try and take over the seed companies. Power. Money talks! Am sooo cross!

Carla Kidd said...

I'm with you all the way Minnie! I'm another normal person, like you. But take heart, there is a fair few of us 'normal folk' who are prepared to do all they can to stop these diabolical culls, now and when the *******'* start shooting them, which could be any day now :( You are spot on Re, Monsanto ect too. Did you know there was a anti cull protest in London, 1st June 2013? 1000's turned out, no exaggeration, Minnie, quite literally thousands, I was there. The media barely covered it and what was put out eventually was false, ie they tried to say a few hundred turned out!

Minnie said...

Yep. Media silence. No guesses for who's calling the shots there!