Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Welcome to the Family

New car parked outside.  Yay!  

No more lugging heavy shopping up and down hill 'n' dale.

Junior is happy.  Only a couple more years and she'll be able to take her driving test.  lol

I always give my cars names. 

I had one which I bought from a Mr Holmes.  So we called it Sherlock.

Last one was named Judith, courtesy of Big Bro.  Registration number plate made that sort of obvious. 

This one is same make, less doors...and a tad racier.     Anyway,  she's called Ursula.   She's sort of a twin.  And my thinking behind this?    Phoebe out of Friends stuff.......she has a twin who is less conservative and a bit of a goer.....blah, blah.

Yeah, I know.  What an imagination!  lol

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